Cheryl Myrbo

Atlanta artist Cheryl Myrbo owned a pottery business and has a patent on a drinking vessel design. She studied painting and graduated from ACA (Atlanta College of Art) with Honors, in 1997. Myrbo serves on the board of non-profit StreetStage; coordinated a 2007 festival with Tim Settimi. She directed Spruill Art Camp, taught on the High Museum artist roster, coordinates the High School Art Exhibition for the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, and is an APAL teaching artist conducting workshops throughout Atlanta.

"Atmospheres are a collaborative effort between Cheryl Myrbo and Tim Settimi beginning in 2003. Myrbo, the colorist, chooses a palette and lays in the atmosphere. Settimi, the engineer, finds and develops volumes and spatial relationships in the value changes, modeling these relationships as aquatic, molecular or planetary structures. The attractions and tensions are illustrated and, together, Settimi and Myrbo gild and refine the final work leaving a little room for the viewer’s imagination."

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