Alyssa Hinton

Using vibrant colors that awaken the soul, mixed media artist Alyssa Hinton invokes a theme of cultural regeneration through her unusual southeastern Native American imagery. Her diverse works are dynamic portrayals of the folklore and history surrounding her roots (Tuscarora/Osage), utilizing tradition and vision with a contemporary edge. Alyssa's textured narratives have a universal appeal and an earth conscious message. Merging original hand rendered art with photographic elements, she generates multi-layered works of unusual visual depth. She has received numerous awards ranging from the highly coveted N.E.A. Painting Fellowship to an Art for Indigenous Survival grant through the U.N. Life Bridge Foundation. She has also been featured in Native Peoples Magazine, Aboriginal Voices Magazine and Random House's Official Price Guide to Native American Art. Hinton is a graduate of NC State University with a master's in art and design. She earned her B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art and has also studied at the Parson School of Design in Paris, the University of Grenoble, Beijing University and the Central Institute of Fine Arts in Beijing. Hinton has exhibited widely in North Carolina and nationally, including at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. More information about the artist may be obtained at

STATEMENT: In many of my recent works, I am addressing parallel themes of Native American cultural reawakening and human kinship with the natural environment. These pieces reflect the organic beauty I find in the elements and invoke the concept of transformation and rebirth, often depicting southeastern mound culture designs and concepts. Being of mixed Native American ethnicity, I see mixed media as a form of reconciliation, where the unsettled fragments of my eclectic life experience are sewn together like sections of a patchwork quilt. By making use of the versatility of digital technology and photography in combination with conventional hand-rendered artwork, boundaries between mediums blur to create hybrid art forms. A conceptual merging takes place through the distillation of organic patterns, human and animal depictions, and cultural references. Through these processes multiple layers of meaning unfold to tell stories of old and new.""

Visit her site at WWW.ALYSSAHINTON.COM.