Susan Barmon

Atlanta resident Susan S. Barmon grew up in New York and has been telling stories through photographic portraiture most of her adult life. She was educated at Syracuse University School of Art and The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA where Ms. Barmon studied photojournalism with Dennis C. Darling. Her career has encompassed retail and editorial art direction and location photography. A move to San Francisco presented her with the opportunity to photograph “The Littlest Cowboy’s” Jr. Rodeo portrait series, and begin “The Millennium” series. Both are ongoing and have been shown nationwide, and won several major awards. In 2005 Ms. Barmon entered the digital world with her botanical scans. They have been shown extensively and are in private collections worldwide.

The Botanical Series began in 2005 when our family’s circumstances required me to be home more, and doing my portrait work less. When a fellow photographer showed me work she was creating moving flowers while scanning them, I was intrigued. I had always found floral photography “wanting” and was inspired when I scanned the actual flowers and eliminated the camera. I was able to see extraordinary detail in the scans. Creating a layer of depth added to what became a flora portrait. Composing these “portraits” is similar to my black-and-white portraiture, bringing together my skills as a photographer and graphic artist. When creating an image, I strive to reveal detail, depth and, if at all possible, an impression of motion I use the black background for the flora arrangements because, as in my portrait work, it makes the subject pop and helps bring out all the details. It is the constant.The Botanical Series is represented by Digital Arts Studio and Soho Myriad Art Consulting Services, in Atlanta, Ga., and at the Jennifer Hunt gallery, Birmingham, AL. and at For licensing and publishing the botanicals are represented by Applejack Art Partners. They have been selected by Jane Jackson, curator of the Elton John Photographic Collection and Julian Cox, curator of photography for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Ga., for inclusion in the permanent Art collection at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Ga. The Botanicals have been chosen by Atlanta gallerist Fay Gold for inclusion in Atlanta Photography Group shows, and the series was selected for a solo show at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens in 2007-08.Flower magazine featured an article about Ms. Barmon and her botanical scans in the Fall 2008 issue. In January 2011, her work was featured in an in depth article in the online publication CSA JOURNAL #48 which can be viewed on the PRESS page on her website.

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