George Cannon

George Cannon is a photographer and artist living in Upstate New York. Originally from Decatur, Georgia, he learned the basics of photography around the streets of Atlanta before moving to New York. He spent ten years working as a free-lance photographer shooting nature and landscape for books, magazines, and advertising.George settled in Ithaca, New York in 1979 after publishing an award-winning book entitled Coming Into The Light / An Invitation. He has taught photography in adult education for ten years, owned a stained and leaded glass studio, worked as a custom framer, and recently retired from the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University after over thirteen years there.George currently works as a wedding and event photographer in the central New York region. His work also includes youth theatre and dance, landscape and urban landscape, and photographic digital abstracts. He publishes a line of postcards and has exhibited work across the country. He maintains three websites and two blogs and has work represented at numerous locations on the internet.

"My digital abstracts are created from digital photographs that have been manipulated using Adobe Photoshop.

The process begins with an original photograph chosen for texture, color, graphic layout and interest and progresses through a series of manipulations in Photoshop using filters, layers, adjustments, and various actions which combine multiple steps. Each image will be manipulated until I am satisfied with a result. This may involve only a few steps or may use over a hundred individual manipulations to arrive at the finished image. Often times, several snapshots will be saved along the way allowing me to step back and take a different path. The result may be several variations from the same original.

I do not start with a final result in mind. The process is entirely intuitive and experimental and will frequently lead to surprising and unexpected results.I live with the finished images for a while and they seem to grow on me over time. Some images are right the first time. Some I return to and work through additional procedures. Some do not work at all and are scrapped entirely. They are expressions of abstract imagery locked inside the original that are released through an evolutionary process, born as it were, from the original parent image." - George Cannon

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