Sally Smith

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist

A professional watercolour painter for over 20 years, the artist recently began creating environmental art sculptures out in nature. The works fall into 2 different genre; "Faerie Houses" - which are just as the name suggests, and "Eartherials"- sculptures which have their roots in the earthy elements yet also embody certain otherworldly qualities. She works year-round and in all weather conditions at various locations near her Adirondack mountain studio. Her images are widely collected across the planet and available as prints, greeting cards, calendars, etc. She has just recently finished creating a DVD featuring over 350 sculptures set to lyrical piano music by Canadian artist, Bradfield.

"I create my sculptures year-round in the richly textured landscape of the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York. Working in the moment with materials I find in nature the finished pieces have a sense of unity and harmony, as if they belong to the land which formed them. And yet, there is a deep spiritual quality present in the works as well that always hints of worlds beyond our own.

My art arises out of an alchemical blending of elements from the natural world, both in materials and location working in a true collaboration with the environment itself. My hope is that the images can capture some of the timeless mystery and magic that I feel when I first view a completed sculpture – a sense that it is truly possible to live in a new way of respectful resonance with the living Earth."